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Get your wedding bod without blowing your honeymoon budget

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Elite training at 1/10th the cost

Get access to Alli Covington’s world-renowned training at a fraction of the cost. The brideBod program combines the effectiveness of personal consultation, the flexibility of app-based workouts, and the accountability to keep you going.

Targeted, adaptive workouts

The key to fast results is targeted training. Alli will help you select exercises and muscle groups that maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, follow your progress, and automatically adapt as you improve!

Personalized meal plans you’ll love

A meal plan only matters if you actually follow it. Work with Alli to craft an easy, delicious meal plan that delivers just the right mix of macro-nutrients. Add this to your workouts and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a beautiful wedding day.

Look sexy in (or out of) your dress

What’s the point of a beautiful wedding dress if you don’t feel sexy wearing it? And what’s the point of a honeymoon if you don’t feel sexy when you’re not wearing it? You know how you want to look, Alli will show you the steps to get there.

Reach your goals, fast

You’re setting yourself up for some disappointing wedding photos if you settle for 3 to 6 months of unfocused exercise at the local gym. Alli’s brideBod program will maximize the time you have to guide you to the exact results you want.

What will you look like on your wedding day?

You can’t completely control hair or makeup, but how your body looks on your wedding day will by 100% dictated by the decisions you make right now. Get a free, no-obligation consultation with Alli Covington to ensure that you know what it takes to have no regrets.

Schedule a welcome call with Alli!

What’s holding you back? Your first call is a completely free, zero-obligation way to get expert advice on how to look your best. Reach out now to take the first step toward the wedding bod you’ve always dreamed of.