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Facts vs. Myths About Training And Food

Myth #1: Lifting heavy weights will make my body bulky.

Fact #1: Your muscles will only get as large as they are genetically designed to become. The 3 different body types have a lot to do with that, along with what you eat and how much of it you eat. Lifting weights alone won’t do that. In order to push your BOD beyond it’s limits, you must take hormones AND eat to support massive growth. Even with all that, it still takes a lot of time to reach that kind of size, which means you have lots of chances to change course if you don’t like what you see.

Fact #2: Most men and women admire a toned BOD and that can only be obtained from lifting weights heavy enough to stimulate your BOD to grow the muscle to some degree.

Fact #3: Lifting light weight works different muscle fibers and doesn’t break down the muscle tissue enough to stimulate repair, and thus, growth.

Myth #2: I can get all I need from watching YouTube videos.

Fact #1: While there is a lot of great content on YouTube and other videos like BeachBody, etc., they aren’t customized to you specifically. Each person’s body have different lengths of limbs, different muscles that prefer to grow over others, and injuries to work around or prevent. Those videos can be great for motivation, but hard to get real results from long-term. That’s why personal trainers still exist.

Fact #2: Many of those people in those videos are competitive athletes and bodybuilders, with their own trainers behind the scenes to make them look that way, so following someone just because they look good, but aren’t an experienced trainer themselves, can be misleading.

Myth #3: I get lean and muscular eating a vegan diet.

Fact#1: It’s difficult to get enough protein in your diet to do that when you’re eating a vegan diet. If you’re vegan because of your personal beliefs about eating animal or fish protein, that’s one thing, and your BOD can only do so much without enough protein to rebuild the muscle you’re tearing down. But if you’re vegan because you think it’s healthier, there’s no research to support that fact, in fact, eating too many grains has research to support those being the cause of: diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Fact #2: In order to get enough protein from grains, you have to overeat them to the point where you’re BOD could become more acidic, causing more disease and inflammation in the process.

Fact#3: Animal and Fish protein can be found in clean forms (wild caught, all natural without hormones, etc.) and are readily accessible by the human body for immediate use, unlike vegetable and grains which are not only harder to break down into the 8 essential amino acids necessary to build the 20 amino acid protein chains, and the protein is more abundant.

Myth #4: Staying in a “fat burning” zone will help me get leaner, faster.

Fact #1: While your BOD has heart rate ranges where it burns fat over sugar, once your muscles and liver are depleted of glycogen (the sugar your BOD uses for fuel), it will use fat as fuel no matter what your heart rate is. How much glycogen you have depends on how many carbs and sugars you eat. The less carbs and sugar you eat, the less glycogen you have, the more fat you’ll burn all the time.

Fact #2: You’re better off pushing yourself and allowing your BOD to take care of itself, while you fuel it correctly, it will tend toward to a lean, strong BOD.
FUN FACT: each gram of glycogen holds 3-7 grams of water on your BOD. So the more carbs you eat, the more water your BOD will retain.