Take a look below and find the answer to some of BrideBod’s most frequently asked questions.

The software has been specially designed over a decade to create a completely customized workout according to where you are beginning and the results you’d like to attain, with physical therapy exercises for any injuries or issues your bod has. It works so well we stand behind our work with a money back guarantee.

Yes, we can do additional zoom calls if you’d like for an hourly fee. While we believe that you’ll love the experience and freedom of outside of set call times, we understand that some people really like the connection via zoom and we are happy to accommodate those wishes.

YES!! It’s a significant portion of the success of a fitness endeavor so we really enjoy coaching our clients on nutrition. Our specialized macro algorithm works so well he have yet to find anyone it has failed in their fitness journey.

Every day if you like. We let our clients set the pace of communication with us, even though we reach out at least weekly.

The algorithm was created by a highly decorated trainer who’s won many awards from prominent Universities and companies, who was also a pre-med undergrad major with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology so she brought all that knowledge and experience to the table to create this software with the desire to help more people around the globe achieve their best health and fitness. We currently have clients across the USA and in two other countries as well.