herBOD™ is inexpensive and filled with ways to lose weight, get toned and look sexy!
No Diets. No Tricks - Just Science. Let herBOD™ Help You Build The Body You "REALLY" Want!
Workout anytime, anywhere and the workouts adjust with your schedule and limitations.
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You want the body of a greek god, but won’t put in the work.

Do you know your goals?
Do you know how to get there?
Do you know which workouts – work for you?

Most people don’t. Most people struggle with:

  • Finding the motivation to be active
  • Jumping from fad diet to fad diet
  • Ignoring fundamental strength or flexibility

herBOD™ is an integrated fitness and healthy food habit program, fitted to your lifestyle, to promote a permanent return to the BOD you used to have – have always wanted – or never had.

This was your old method:

1. Find inspiration to be fit
2. Search random YouTube Workouts
3. Keep it up for 3 days straight
4. Don’t change your eating habits
5. Don’t see results
6. Don’t feel better
7. Lose inspiration to be fit
8. Quit until next New Year’s Resolution

Here’s your new herBOD™ method:

  1. Login to the program
  2. Choose a location (home, gym, hybrid)
  3. View your customized workout plan for the day
  4. Exercise with me virtually
  5. Eat for your goals
  6. Consult with me regularly
  7. See results in less time
  8. Feel better
  9. Be stronger
  10. Build your new BOD

The featured videos I give you are designed for you to play while you’re doing the exercise, so it’s like I’m right there with you.

This is probably not your first attempt at shedding some fluff…

Here’s what you’ve already tried:

  • Support groups…
  • Counting points or calories…
  • Home videos with little lasting success…
  • Programs from books or magazines...

Let’s put an end to that now AND forever.

With herBOD™ you get:

  • Customized Weekly Workout Plans
  • Instructional Exercise Videos
  • Food Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Continual progress monitoring

$97 / mo – less than your gym membership or pyramid-scheme ‘cleanse’ kits

Once you reach your goal, we help you maintain your success.

Here’s a little more about me:

  • In 1995 & 1996 – Instructor of the Year in for University of California, Irvine
  • In 1997 – I created the first group exercise weight training class for Bally Total Fitness
  • In 2000, 2001, & 2002 – I was Trainer of the Year for Sports Club Company
  • In 2009 – I wrote a personal training algorithm with physical therapy for injuries that we use today to train clients remotely.

Now’s the time to bring your new BOD into reality.

Ready? Click here to get started, today.


With a herBOD™ monthly Membership, You Can Workout Anytime, Anywhere.



Online Workouts Can Easily Change With Your Schedule & Limitations.



Monthly membership includes nutrition advice, workouts, support & more.


Note From herBOD™ Founder….

herBOD™ is designed to deliver the most realistic virtual personal training platform available. Every time you login, you’ll have your training for the day, with a video for each exercise designed to be played while you train to optimize your form and maximize your results. The featured videos I give you are designed or you to play while you’re doing the exercise, so it’s like I’m right there with you, even though I’m not.


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