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HGH: Why You Want More And How To Get It

Want to burn more fat, build more lean muscle that burns fat, amplify sex drive (my personal fav), and simply FEEL SEXY NAKED(TM)? More Human Growth Hormone – otherwise known as HGH – will do all that for you!

HGH is a substance our bodies produce naturally and in large amounts when we’re growing into adulthood. Afterward, it doesn’t produce as much of it unless we stimulate our BOD to produce more.

It’s naturally released during the night while we sleep and during weight training, just one reason every person needs to lift weights and not rely on cardio to drop fat.

When we don’t get enough sleep and don’t weight train, we’re asking for our BOD to build up body fat and burn muscle mass.

Intermittent Fasting Boosts HGH too! Here’s How…

Another way to really boost our BOD’s hunger for HGH is by intermittent fasting. The funny thing about fasting is that when I first became a trainer, and for many years thereafter, the accepted wisdom dictated eating several small meals throughout the day to keep up the metabolism. Well, I was so busy working and going to school through my 20’s and then building businesses and raising kids in my 30’s that I would often forget to eat, thus naturally causing myself to intermittently fast.

Well, I got leaner when I did that, and never lost strength or muscle tone. Now there’s research to support the fact that fasting works because it increases HGH production by up to 700 PERCENT! And guess what? Training during the fasting phase actually ramps it up even more!

Intermittent fasting has many other important health benefits too, including:

  • reducing blood sugar and fasting insulin levels
  • lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • protecting against cancer and reduced cancer growth
  • defending against Alzheimer’s
  • increasing quality of life
  • allowing better sex (no guarantee, but we’ll want it more, that’s for sure, and that HAS to lead to better sex, right?)
  • helping us feel sexier in our own skin (this one doesn’t have clinical proof, but I certainly do!)

Intermittent fasting is also a huge part of weight loss programs that focus on gut health as a key factor for weight gain and weight loss. Programs that are directly addressing gut health as a critical part of weight loss, like Silver Fern™ ELEVATED (read more here…), use intermittent fasting as way of making any diet better. Since I am a strong believer in gut health as a very important part of a hot BOD, I love the added gut health benefits that intermittent fasting offers. Love it!

My wish for you is to ditch diets forever and train for LIFE, and we’re going to give you all the tools to do so; tools that will build your BOD into a lean, sexy fat furnace! You’ll have the LIFE you want to chronicle because it’s so fun and awesome, with high energy, great sex (don’t post videos of that, please ???? ) and excitement that you really LIVE!

Have you tried Intermittent Fasting before? Did it work for you? Have you been trying to boost your HGH, but want to do so more naturally? We’d love to hear your story…