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Real Results From BrideBod & Silver Fern Brand!

Love hearing success stories from my clients! Since I started working with 20-year old Juan Montes back in August, he’s lost 31.2 lbs, putting his extremely strong 6’ 5” frame at 311 lbs. The weight keeps coming off and his chronic stomach pain is gone! That’s thanks to months of strong workouts, a healthy diet and a daily dose of Silver Fern Brand’s Ultimate Probiotics and protein.

“I can tell that working out with Alli’s plans and using the Silver Fern Brand probiotic has made a huge difference in how I feel and look,” Juan told me recently. “I can’t wait to see how much I’ve transform over the next few months.

Juan grew up in a rough neighborhood in Santa Ana, Calif. To survive, or at least not be picked on, he began lifting at the age of nine and powerlifting at 14. During high school, his 6’ 3” frame peaked at 300 pounds. Relatively trim for his weight and extremely athletic, he carried six-pack abs and was actively engaged in sports – especially football.

“I ate every two hours to keep up my weight, even setting the alarm to eat regularly throughout the day – and night,” Juan said. “ I ate mostly anything and everything I wanted, which caused digestive issues I couldn’t seem to overcome.”

Weight Loss Success from Weightlifting, Healthy Eating & Probiotics

Unfortunately, during high school, he broke his L-5 vertebrae and eventually lost all of the Division 1 football scholarships he had been offered. This contributed to a deep depression.

Once his vertebrae had healed, Juan turned to power lifting again to help him overcome this depression and get him back into shape. He even gained an American Bench Press record as a result – and a bunch of sponsors supplying him with supplements, including probiotics that didn’t make him feel any better.

Now 6-foot 5-inches, Juan no longer powerlifts because of all of the injuries he’s sustained, but he continues to work out and began following the keto diet to help lower his 342.2-pound weight and feel better overall

We met last summer during one of those workouts, and I introduced him to my BrideBod health and fitness program and the probiotics and protein from Silver Fern Brand.

Ultimate Probiotics “Make My Gut Feel Good”

Unlike the probiotics Juan had been using before, the Ultimate Probiotics from Silver Fern made his gut feel better within days. Much of that can be attributed to Silver Fern’s use of the Bacillus subtilis strain, which actually survives long enough to reach your intestines to do their job. And when paired with high fiber and reduced sugar consumption, the Bacillus strain is documented to help reduce inflammation, safeguard against gut infections and increase metabolism with fat-burning short-chain fatty acids.

Combined with his keto diet, BrideBod and the Silver Fern Brand probiotics and protein, which he began taking in August, Juan has been able to eat healthy and even eat what he considers foods that satisfy his sweet tooth – Silver Fern Brand sweet tasting products contain no sugar and add to his diet by eliminating carbs while adding fiber, protein and probiotics.

“They actually make my gut feel good,” Juan told me. “I no longer have a chronic upset stomach, which is good because I’m still a ‘meat head.’ Not many people in the fitness industry know that you need to take care of your inside. If you aren’t taking care of the inside, you aren’t going to feel good or look good on the outside.”

Remember the intermittent fasting schedule I’ve outlined in earlier posts, which helps your body build lean muscle by giving the probiotics time to build more short-term fatty acids? Juan’s been doing that naturally, and he knows it really helps. Today, he eats his last meal at 8 pm and won’t eat again until 8 a.m. I’m suggesting he extend that fast even longer for better results. Great job, Juan!

“I prefer working out on an empty stomach because it just feels better,” Juan said. “I didn’t even know that fasting like this would help me lose weight and build lean muscle. But now that I do, I’ll keep at it.”

Great job, Juan!

We’ll post an update in the next few months! With his dedication to his diet, exercise regime and the Ultimate Probiotic, I’m sure he’ll continue to reach his health, fitness and weight loss goals!