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Secrets To Getting Into Your Skinny Genes Fast

I know what you’re thinking, “I have no skinny jeans, nor any skinny genes!” I used to think that, too, but I’ve discovered the research that proves you can actually turn your BOD into a Fat Furnace by turning your “fat burning” gene switch to ON. I’ve been training men and women for more than 20 years, was named the #1 private trainer for the high end Spectrum Club in Fullerton, Calif., and have even competed in Ms. Fitness, and this is seriously the best approach I’ve seen to actually BURN FAT and find your lean body permanently!

What’s the secret? It’s a combination of several simple steps that when used together, actually ELEVATE your weight loss and help you keep it off.

  • Take The Right Probiotic:
    The Silver Fern Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic is my choice because studies show that the Bacillus strains it includes are the only ones on the market that actually work to make this happen. (We’ll go into more detail on this in my next post or you can read more now by downloading the free Silver Fern ELEVATED plan here…)
  • Consume More Fiber:
    Add prebiotic fiber into your diet (I slip mine into my morning coffee). Silver Fern’s Tino fiber feeds the good bacteria, which turns around and produces short-chain fatty acids, which actually tell your “skinny gene” to turn ON! Only specific good bacteria can do this, and Silver Fern’s Ultimate Probiotic (part of its ELEVATED plan) is the only one that’s been DNA verified to do this.
  • Ditch sugar and Carbs:
    Instead of sugar and refined carbs, which turn into sugar, primarily eat lean proteins, and good fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, etc).
  • Eliminate Artificial Sweetened or Sugary Drinks:
    Artificial sweeteners feed the bad bacteria and turns on the “fat pant” gene (fat storage gene).
  • Fast for 14-16 Hours:
    Skip breakfast if you’re a dinner eater or skip dinner if you can’t live without your breakfast. Breakfast happens to be one of those meals where more items that we eat for breakfast are carbs, so unless you really love eggs and bacon and can eat steak in the morning without feeling drowsy, I’d skip it and eat two large meals toward the end of your day. This is called intermittent fasting and drives up HGH production as a result. The longer you fast, the more your BOD produces that “fat burning” hormone. For achieving the best fat loss results from intermittent fasting, women should fast daily for 14 hours and eat for 10 hours, while men ideally need to be fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours.
  • Weight train while fasting:
    Workout in the morning during your fasting phase. This pumps up more HGH production (Up to 700% more!) and literally melts away the fat your BOD has been hanging onto. I’ve been following most of these steps since I trained for Ms. Fitness in 1995, except for this probiotic, which only just became available. While I’ve enjoyed being lean and the energy and good feelings that come with it, it always felt so hard to keep the results until now. With this approach – lead by the probiotic and fiber combo, I’m finding it infinitely easier to maintain my physique, and I’ll get some great health benefits along with it! Skinny genes are here for good. Ready to wear your own?

P.S. Read more about these steps by downloading the ELEVATED plan here.

P.P.S. I’ll also be sharing more on each step in this ELEVATED series, as well as sharing successes we’re all experiencing along the way!

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